Paty Araujo

Paty Araujo

Paty loves to empower women, and she fiercely believes that we moms are very capable of speaking our minds and fulfilling our dreams, despite what society has taught us. 

While working as a photographer, Paty began to realize that women business owners were struggling to express their vision and creativity in the public space. This became the driving reason she began to focus on branding photography, specifically for female entrepreneurs. This led her to begin Paty Araujo Photography-Branding.

 Although a successful photographer, Paty began to feel very alone struggling to be an entrepreneur and a "good" mom at the same time. This is why she felt the call to become involved with the Time Out for The Creative Mompreneur movement, eventually becoming the primary host and transitioning the conference to The Creative Mompreneurs.

Paty is an extrovert with a hint of an introvert and loves dance parties, meditation, working out, traveling, and spending time with her kids.